AquaDetector project

High-Precision Detection Technologies for Water Quality in Aquaculture

AquaDetector is a two-year science and Technology Cooperation Sino-Malta Fund Project between Maltese partner AquaBioTech Group and Chinese partners China Agricultural University and MingBo Aquatic, under the thematic priority Maritime & Aquaculture. Malta and China have a history of collaborative research going back to 2002 and in 2018 Malta and China signed the Belt and Road Initiative (formerly known as the ‘One Belt One Road’) agreement to further support collaborative trading, cultural and research activities between the two countries.

The AquaDetector project aims to develop precise detection technologies to visualise water quality distribution, classify fish stress behaviours, and analyse the combined impact of environmental factors on juvenile grouper and trout as reference fish. Histology, biochemistry, and growth will be the three main factors analysed, reflecting fish quality, animal welfare, and production respectively. The coupling correlation model developed will be integrated into a monitoring system in order to achieve smart high-precision detection in RAS.

These innovations will help to further progress Aquaculture in both China and in Malta and promote research collaboration between researchers in the two countries

Funding Agencies

Project AquaDetector funded by the Malta Council for Science & Technology through the Sino-Malta Fund 2019 (Science and Technology Cooperation).

Grant agreement number: SINO-MALTA-2019-11

This project was financially supported by Science and Technology Cooperation – Sino-Malta Fund 2019: Research and Demonstration of Real-time Accurate Monitoring System for Juvenile Fish in Recirculating Aquaculture System (AquaDetector, Grant No. 2019YFE0103700), Ministry of Science and Technology, China.